Sunny Skies and Slightly Cooler Temps

KSBW 8 Meteorologist Art Jarrett has your local forecast.

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- Now, your KSBW weather forecast with meteorologist Art Jarrett.

ART JARRETT: Well, good morning to you. Back to Skycam 8. Salinas from the Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. A little cloud cover working now through the valley there. You can see that holding on for the next several hours. Those winds start to stir up and really start moving it out of the way.

Local temperatures 40s up in the Santa Cruz Mountains down to the low lying beaches. 48 over in Watsonville with more middle 40s you get from Gilroy over to Hollister, San Juan Bautista. Salinas at 50 degrees, with more 40s right down through the valley. Get to King City, about 44 degrees. 37 in Big Sur. 49 in Carmel Valley. Good morning to you.

How about this though? You're going to see those winds out of the Golden Gate Bridge working down along the coastline. Cooling down Half Moon Bay. Up in the Santa Cruz mountains, yeah, we're going to get some of that breeze, but most of it is just skirting the coast.

Hitting the Big Sur coast there, where we're seeing wind gusts of 30 miles per hour. Over Pacheco Pass, we're seeing wind gusts up to about 24 to 26 miles per hour. And down through the areas by Salinas down through the valley and Carmel Valley, we're also holding on to those sustained winds at around 12 to 13 miles per hour.

That'll to help to clear out some of the fog. Low cloud activity a little bit earlier than we've been seeing. It's going to be out by 9 o'clock, 10 o'clock or so into the late morning hours, and then not so much going into the afternoon like we have been seeing.

All right. So that dry slot continues to press down and pushing these high clouds down a little bit more down to southern California. Up and out of the way they will go and we'll get into sunny to partly cloudy skies.

There are the winds cutting across the Santa Cruz mountains from Bonny Doon down to Davenport as well over to Monterey Peninsula. Putting some fog back on the cloud cover their side of the Monterey Peninsula. So we'll go fog to low cloud activity.

Breezier winds coming in for Friday. We'll see clouds coming back again in the overnight hours. And then by the afternoon, we'll see by Saturday sunnier skies, but still a bit breezy there.

How about this? Today, your forecast upper 50s, widespread 60s, middle 70s. Sunny, cool conditions to mild conditions. You get on the inland side, 60s up in the Bay Area, 70s down as you get into areas right by the Santa Cruz mountains. Los Gatos up there as well.

60s by the beaches to around 73 degrees today. We'll hold on to 66 in Watsonville. Prunedale about 65. More of those 70s working right through Aromas, San Juan Batista, Gilroy, Hollister. And right into Salinas, we'll have upper 60s there for you today. So cooling off a couple of degrees, with more of those 70s down through the Salinas Valley.

Back to the Monterey Peninsula we go with the widespread low 60s. Touch at 58 in PG. You're out there a little bit getting that breeze coming off the ocean.

Then tonight, clear to partly cloudy skies with fewer clouds. Chilly local temperatures. Upper 30s, widespread 40s to around 50 degrees, and still a tad breezy.

We'll get the winds kind of blowing some of those leaves that are out there right now, but then we start to see that through Friday and Saturday. Sunday, we get to those 80s, possibly. And then again, we slightly cool you down for Monday, bring it back by midweek of next week. Brittany?

BRITTANY NIELSEN: I like the effect you had there.

ART JARRETT: You like that?

BRITTANY NIELSEN: With the leaves.

ART JARRETT: Kind of matches you there, buddy. Yeah.