Weak cold front headed for Houston

A weak cold front moving through later will bring some increased moisture to the region. Here's our thinking on the possibilities for rain and how warm it will get.

Video Transcript

RACHEL BRIERS: Well, good evening, everyone. I'm Meteorologist Rachel Briers. And here's a look at your 1-minute weather. Well, today it ended up being a really nice day with our high temperatures warming up into the low 60s, ended up being a very nice day out there.

Overnight tonight our temperature's going to dip down into the 40s. So we'll be cool overnight, but we are expecting our low temperatures to stay above freezing, which is a win for southeast Texas. Now as we head into the day tomorrow, those temperatures will continue to rise all the way up into the 60s. A lot of us going to be in the upper 60s. Would not be surprised if a few of us try to reach up into the low 70s.

Now as we head throughout the rest of this week, our temperatures actually expected to be close to where they should be this time of year, close to normal. We actually do have a couple of weak cool fronts making their way in, one on Sunday night into Monday. Won't drop temperatures much there. And then we should have another one make its way in as we head into Thursday coming up this next week, which will drop temperatures a bit as we head into the second half of the week.

Now, in terms of rain chance this week, those will also be going up. As we head into Sunday, we will have a slight chance of rain throughout the day-- around a 20% chance-- although we will see that go up is that next week cool front makes its way on through. That will continue that rain chance as we head into early Monday morning.

But as we head into Monday by around 6:00, 7:00 AM, that will have pushed on down to the south, and clear skies will have filtered on in behind it. So we actually expecting a lot of sunshine on Monday. And then we'll also have a few chances to see a few scattered showers as we head into the second half of the week.

So let's break down your day as we head into the day tomorrow. Now, overnight tonight, a little bit of patchy fog possible, increase in cloud cover and cool temperatures as we head into the overnight hours. Then heading into tomorrow, could see a few showers during the day, around a 20% chance. Also expecting some sea fog to move in, especially as we make our way into the evening hours. You can see it there in that darker gray color.

Then as we head into Sunday night, that's when that front will start pushing on in. As it does, we could see a few scattered light showers form along that front. You can see that front should make its way towards Houston by around 1:00 AM.

Should be off the coast by around 3:00 AM. And then on Monday, mild afternoon temperatures and lots of sunshine. So a really good start to your workweek.

A lot of sunshine for Monday. The sunshine continues into Tuesday. We will see that moisture return as we head into midweek. That'll bring back up our rain chances. And temperatures this week look to stay above freezing.