Super Bowl LVI High Performance Players of the Week

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Video Transcript

CHARLES ROBINSON: Every round of the playoffs delivers a new set of high impact moments to celebrate an all new Acura Integra Prototype. We're going to take a look back at two of this weekend's top performers. Franklin, I think I know who you're going to talk about. Spend-- spend a little time-- yeah.

FRANK SCHWAB: The ticker tape, I'm going to start--

CHARLES ROBINSON: You may or not-- may or may not be as agent.

FRANK SCHWAB: I got to start the ticker tape parade again because it's Cooper Kupp. I mean, he just was such a clutch performer all season, and especially in this game. Again, we're sitting there at six minutes left or whatever in the game, and you're like, the Rams have nothing on offense. Where are they going to come up with anything?

And all of a sudden, it's just Cooper Kupp, Cooper Kupp, Cooper Kupp at the fourth and one run was the play of the game. Really honestly, that-- that was the play of the game, draws the holding penalties even, no matter what we think of those calls. Two touchdowns for Kupp, including the game winner on that fade. Great play by him to kind of leverage Eli Apple on that play.

Just I can't say enough about the season he had, the playoffs he had, Super Bowl he had. What a season is-- I mean, again, it was one of the single seasons where we'll talking about for a really, really long time. Cooper Kupp easily-- I would have voted him MVP and I'm going to vote for him as my Acura MVP. And who do you got, Charles?

CHARLES ROBINSON: Well, I think it's the other guy that made the MVP argument last night, but didn't win it Aaron Donald, there's no question. Aaron Donald, not only did he--

FRANK SCHWAB: I'm talking about agents. I mean, you're trying to get this guy paid.


FRANK SCHWAB: I don't know.


CHARLES ROBINSON: He's not only talking, I think we need like two sacks, two tackles for loss, three QB hits, and then all those other things. When you go back and watch Aaron Donald, you realize oh, this guy had a sack because of him, this guy had a quarterback pressure because of him. Here are the three guys he occupied on this play. His game isn't just those stats, but it's how he ends up completely fundamentally changing the front end of almost every offense he plays-- he plays.

And I don't think there was any question in this game, particularly in that second half when they really cranked it up. Even in the first half, I think you and I were kind of like, they're not getting-- they're not getting as much pressure as we thought. Burrow was clearly trying to get the ball out as fast as he possibly could, just to make sure early on in that game that they weren't getting home.

And I think I remember at one point, we were calling Donald like, it's not-- you know, it's just not the-- the start we would have expected. And then the second half, it was everything that we-- everything changed.

FRANK SCHWAB: Imagine that the entire Bengals Game Plan was, we got to get the ball out quick because of Aaron Donald. What other player-- what are the defensive tackle--

CHARLES ROBINSON: And interior. Right exactly, like an interior guy.

FRANK SCHWAB: Like, you're saying like literally like, and I remember Zac Taylor this week was saying like, he's topped, went back to his first season as Bengals coach, and he was talking about going to London to play the Rams. And he's like, we had no play on our play call sheet at like 1:00 in the morning on a Tuesday because we couldn't figure out how to be there at all. Like that's-- that says a lot about that guy.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Well, both of those guys have rings now. So that's monumental points in their careers. And I think perfect guy is for this particular word. So those are the high performance players of the Week, presented by the all new Acura Integra Prototype.