With Super Bowl over, Detroit readies up for NFL Draft

DETROIT (FOX 2) - With the Super Bowl wrapped up, the league will now catch its breath as each of the NFL's 32 teams evaluate what will bring them success in the next season.

But in Detroit, there's a lot more hype building around a different date: April 25. That's when the NFL Draft kicks off in the Motor City.

For a city ready for more success in the regular and postseason after an impressive campaign by their Lions, Detroit is more than a little prepared for the big event. As the Detroit Sports Commission executive director sees it, the team's success only breathed more life into the anticipation for the draft.

"You know, some of the conversations around the success of the Detroit Lions this year and I think that only amplifies the excitement and interest that people have in Detroit," said director Dave Beachnau.

Now only 10 weeks away, Beachnau is sharing in the excitement.

The city expects to rake in over $1 million for the three-day event, as well as get exposure that normal advertising just can't offer.

"And given our proximity to five or six NFL drive markets within a two-to-five hour drive, I think we’re going to see a huge influx of NFL fans," said Beachnau. "And I think you’re going to see all 32 team's jerseys represented here in our city."

The draft is free, but fans will have to download the NFL One Pass app to register in order to get inside.

For those that don't go in, there will also be fun outside.

"It’s also the NFL Draft experience, which is the interactive opportunities with the displays, punt-pass-and-kick, the 40-yard dash and some of those things," Beachnau said.