This ‘Super Hydrating’ Apricot Serum Gave Shoppers a Glow They Haven’t Seen Since Their ‘20s

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Reviewers say their skin “feels like silk.”

<p>Real Simple / Pamela Jew</p>

Real Simple / Pamela Jew

Serums are available in hundreds, if not thousands, of formulas, so choosing a single dropper for your skincare routine is quite difficult. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Any dermatologist (or beauty guru) will tell you serums are the key to a great skincare routine. In addition to being lighter than moisturizers, they also contain higher amounts of active ingredients, so they're real workhorses for getting amazing results for your skin.

Hundreds of Amazon shoppers have given perfect ratings for Blithe’s Gold Apricot Pressed Serum. This serum has ingredients like beta carotene, apricot seed extract, niacinamide, sunflower seed oil, and other natural antioxidants to decrease blemishes and dark spots, while hydrating the skin. Plus, the serum also provides a healing effect on damaged and troubled skin, serving as both a serum and a moisturizer.

For those who’re looking for a serum to work its magic on your skin, this serum and moisturizer combo works on all skin types. It’s like self-care in a jar: Reviewers describe witnessing a huge turnaround within a few weeks, their skin tone evening out and feeling “much smoother.”



To buy: $39;

“I have dry, flaky skin and this pressed serum really helps,” one reviewer said, adding they like the serum because it doesn’t leave excess oil and “smells better and works for an overnight moisturizer.” Another five-star customer raved how this serum is “a gift from heaven” and said, “My skin feels hydrated, uniform, and has a glow I haven’t seen since my 20’s.” They even said it made their skin “feel like silk” after applying the serum.

Along with improved skin appearance, a reviewer shared they “have been using this product for over a year” and don't start their day without it because it’s “super hydrating and lasts all day.”

Achieve silky skin in days by soaking up all of that apricot goodness. Get your jar of this 24/7 working serum at Amazon for $39.

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