'Superman' pharmacist has vaccinated 15,000 people in Montgomery County

A "Superman" pharmacist in Montgomery County has vaccinated more than 15,000 to date, and his work is not done.

Video Transcript

- Our hometown hero this week is a pharmacist on a mission. And for several reasons, he is probably unlike any pharmacist you've known. His story comes from community journalist Beccah Hendrickson.

MAYANK AMIN: Every day, I wake up and say I'm going to save a life.

BECCAH HENDRICKSON: Skippack Pharmacy is four aisles and a counter.

MAYANK AMIN: Every day, I save at least one life.

BECCAH HENDRICKSON: It's a mom-and-pop shop run by Mayank Amin.

MAYANK AMIN: Any questions about the medication today?

BECCAH HENDRICKSON: Dr. Mac, as his patients call him, has earned a bit of a reputation.

MAYANK AMIN: Thank you for stopping in.

- It's made a difference in a lot of people's lives.

BECCAH HENDRICKSON: He's vaccinated more than 15,000 people against COVID-19.

MAYANK AMIN: It has a lot more trust in local businesses, because the local businesses are owned by people who are in their community.

BECCAH HENDRICKSON: He's also one of maybe five providers in Montgomery County with the freezer to store Pfizer. It was donated to him. Now, he's getting 3,500 doses a week.

MAYANK AMIN: Minus 80. It goes up to minus 100 degrees.

BECCAH HENDRICKSON: From mass clinics like this one at North Bend high school that vaccinated 3,000--


- [LAUGHS] In your Superman uniform.

BECCAH HENDRICKSON: --to home visits like this, he almost always wears a Superman suit. He says it makes people smile and makes him recognizable.

MAYANK AMIN: Someone has a mask on their face or not, we recognize them from the time that they walk through our doors.

BECCAH HENDRICKSON: The community is getting behind Dr. Mac, too. He has more than 300 volunteers, and the pizza shop next door donated him its extra room as an annex to vaccinate more people on-site. The plan is to do 200 to 300 doses a day at the pharmacy. Amin is trying to get this vaccine out quickly. He has personal reasons why.

MAYANK AMIN: My personal goals is end before end of May.

BECCAH HENDRICKSON: That is when his pregnant wife is due to have their first child.

MAYANK AMIN: So we can have a healthy baby, healthy child.

BECCAH HENDRICKSON: He wants to help save the world so his new baby can have a safe home.

MAYANK AMIN: Because after that point, I'm gonna take a little bit of a break.

BECCAH HENDRICKSON: In Skippack, Beccah Hendrickson, Channel 6 Action News.

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