'Superman' pharmacist vaccinates thousands in Montco

A mass vaccination clinic at a Montgomery County high school allowed thousands of people to get their first shots on Sunday.

Video Transcript

NYDIA HAN: A county pharmacist is on a mission to vaccinate his community. Over the past year through the pandemic, his efforts to keep his community safe have been nothing short of superhuman.

GRAY HILL: Yeah, and today Skippack Pharmacy, where he works, plans to vaccinate thousands of people. Action News reporter Beccah Hendrickson is at that event there at North Penn High School with the very latest details on this. Beccah, a lot of people getting those shots today.

BECCAH HENDRICKSON: You're right, Gray and Nydia. 300 people per hour is the plan for vaccination, a total of 3,000 people to be vaccinated today. You can see a lot of them in this line behind me. The pharmacist says the more shots they're getting out, the better. Dressed like Superman, pharmacist Mayank Amin says he's representing all the healthcare heroes saving lives during the pandemic.

MAYANK AMIN: When I wear this costume, it definitely brings out the smiles in a lot of the people that are coming to these clinics.

BECCAH HENDRICKSON: He's the owner of Skippack Pharmacy, which has vaccinated 8,000 people in Phase 1A in Montgomery County since February. This clinic is particularly special for him. It's at North Penn High School, his Alma mater.

MAYANK AMIN: Graduated from here in 2003, and it's been a part of my heart ever since. So these same hallways that we're walking through today, the gyms I used to play basketball in, and now we're here helping the community and helping 3,000 people.

BECCAH HENDRICKSON: He has 250 volunteers helping him in this 12-hour clinic, where both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are available.

THERESA CUCCHI: I think it's so organized so well. I wasn't expecting it. When I saw all these people, I thought, oh, my goodness.

BECCAH HENDRICKSON: The patients, who wrote notes in the waiting room thanking the pharmacy, say they're relieved to be vaccinated.

APRIL MARRO: It's good because then maybe I can see my family again. I miss my friends. [CHUCKLES]

BECCAH HENDRICKSON: Some said Amin has been a hero to the community.

NEMO PERERA: It's the whole Superman outfit. I read so many articles about him doing this in the community, going to actual people's houses and stuff. So I'm very, very grateful to him, that's for sure.

BECCAH HENDRICKSON: If it goes well at this clinic, Amin says he'd love to be doing 5,000 shots per day at a clinic like this. Now everyone who's getting their first shot here will be contacted in the next couple of weeks about getting their second dose. Live in North Penn High School, Beccah Hendrickson, Channel 6 Action News. Nydia?