Supervisor Storck: Practice Social Distancing, Help Neighbors

Emily Leayman

This article originally appeared on the Greater Alexandria Patch

The following piece was submitted by Mount Vernon District Supervisor Dan Storck.

MOUNT VERNON, VA — "Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today," said Abraham Lincoln. Well, today, our community needs your help!

It is a strange and ever evolving new reality we find ourselves in as a result of the Novel
Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). Three weeks ago, we never imagined we would find ourselves
with schools, parks, libraries and businesses closed; being asked to stay home; empty groceries
store shelves or financial instability. However, we are all in this together and we will work to get
through this together. Adversity drives us to find new ways to do things and that is just what
the County is doing. As our Board Chairman Jeff McKay said last week, “I don’t believe there’s
any better place in this country or this world to make it through trying times than in Fairfax
County.” We have the resources and we are prepared. For updates on all the County is doing
and resources available, visit: and sign up for text alerts by
texting FFXCOVID to 888777.

There is also much you can do in this time of great uncertainty and need! Look out for your
neighbors, offer to pick up groceries for the elderly or facetime those you might normally visit.
In our broader community, many are facing financial or food insecurity. As our human services
and non-profit providers are seeing increased demand, they are also receiving less donations.
Blood banks are running low and many organizations still need volunteers – with safety and
social distancing precautions. We have put together a comprehensive list of those offering
services in our community, both for those in need and those looking to help on our website: We will continue to update this information as we
receive updates.

Businesses are also facing hardship and uncertainty, especially our small, local businesses.
Please consider continuing to support those you can through ordering take out and delivery,
purchasing gift cards or making donations to their employees.

We have a very strong, engaged and caring community. It has been amazing to see so many
great examples of charity and assistance. It is also encouraging to see so many wonderful new
healthy habits – families jogging and riding bikes daily, spending family time playing board
games and using social media to connect with each other. These new habits, enhanced
interactions and pathways will make each of us and our community stronger when this crisis is

Our destiny is in our own hands!

P.S. Don’t forget to complete the 2020 U.S. Census: