Supplies limited at Disneyland vaccination site

People in all tiers of Phase 1a, including essential workers, healthcare workers and those aged 75 and older, lined up from the early hours of Wednesday (January 13) for the jab, which also mark 10 months since Disneyland closed.

However, at a news conference on Wednesday, Orange County officials voiced concerns they do not have enough vaccines to keep the Disneyland POD (Point of Dispensing) operational, as well as five more planned for the future.

Donald Wagner, a member of the Orange County board of supervisors, told reporters, "The state vaccine rollout has been a little bit disappointing. We need the state to distribute vaccines to the county quickly. Our medical providers here in Orange County are ready and able to administer those vaccines to our residents. California, the tech capital of the nation, indeed, the tech capital of the world is behind other states to vaccinate people in a timely manner."

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