How To Support Neighborhood Businesses Impacted By Coronavirus

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The novel coronavirus and the safety regulations surrounding it have affected all of us. Local businesses have been hit particularly hard, and now more than ever, they need our support.

Ring recently launched the Neighbor Pledge, a localized initiative that allows you to pledge your support to the neighborhood businesses or service providers you rely on in your community. For example, if you normally visit a neighborhood coffee shop every day and spend $3, with the pledge you would give it up to $90 a month until it reopens.

How It Works

To support a neighborhood business with the Neighbor Pledge, follow these steps:

1. Make your pledge. Commit to support a specific number of neighborhood businesses or service providers in need. Pledge to give whatever amount you can for any period that works for you.

2. Share your pledge. Get the word out to friends, family, colleagues and neighbors so they can pledge their support, too. When communities come together, we're all stronger for it.

3. Act on your pledge. Fulfill your promise to support neighborhood businesses. Call or email each establishment or service provider to see how they would prefer to receive donations. Some neighborhood businesses may be able to receive payments through PayPal, Venmo or Square, while others may prefer cash or checks.

The websites of your favorite neighborhood businesses may suggest more ways customers can help. They may be offering virtual services or selling gift cards that allow you to pay in advance for services you may use in the future.

If your favorite neighborhood restaurant is still offering takeout or delivery, make a point to order from them and tip generously.

Why Your Support Matters

Even if a business doesn't accept your pledge, they'll appreciate the offer of support during this time. Your commitment to community and willingness to help is what the Neighbor Pledge is all about.

Ready to Take the Neighbor Pledge?

Create a Pledge Group to unite your community, friends, family or colleagues to support neighborhood businesses in need. You can also join an existing Pledge Group to pledge your support for neighborhood businesses.

The Neighbor Pledge is about doing whatever you can to help. Pledge to donate, pledge to send words of support, and pledge to do what you can to keep our communities thriving.

Make a neighbor pledge today at

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