Supporter says Baddourah 6-point plan equals success

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When choosing a candidate for mayor, voters rightfully look for someone who has the experience, integrity, and leadership the office demands.

In evaluating mayoral hopefuls for Columbia’s top job, we can be thankful that Moe Baddourah possesses all three of these qualities in abundance.

He has served two terms on Columbia’s city council and knows well, not just other council members, but county and state legislators as well; he knows how to get things done and how to build alliances.

Furthermore, as a business owner himself, he knows the value of the dollar and how to prudently spend monies for growth.

Moe has repeatedly called for justice for the deaths of two citizens who perished in the Allen Benedict Courts disaster.

No one has been charged with negligence or fired. No accountability has been placed on anyone. In fact, most civil cases have been dismissed and the residents are left with no closure for their tragedy.

And, who has called for open meetings and deliberations on subjects such as the wasteful spending shoved through city council to get expenditures for a $35 million minor league baseball park approved? Who was the lone voice against irresponsible government transfer of water and sewer funds to be used as slush funds to finance pet projects?

In one instance after another, one councilman stood apart: Moe Baddourah.

Moe has a straightforward six-point plan to help make Columbia the vibrant, growing community we all want it to be.

They are:

1) Fighting corruption. Within one week of taking office, he will initiate Operation Clean Sweep, whose thrust will be on addressing government corruption.

2) To reestablish the trust between our police department and our communities; it is absolutely vital for our growth as a Capitol city. He will reestablish community policing and bring back police sub-stations in our neighborhoods, which were closed due to budgetary savings, but the benefits will outweigh the savings.

3) Stabilization of water rates. We cannot allow funds allocated for sewer lines to be diverted to other projects. These funds can and should be used to effect necessary repairs on our water and sewer systems. Let’s get rid of these obnoxious steel plates on our roadways and spend the dollars to maintain our sewers and streets without these eyesores. As mayor, he will stop any water rate increases for the next four years and restore the Columbia canal.

4) There will be no business licensing fees, once Moe is elected mayor, for small businesses whose annual revenue is less than $500,000 or whose total number of employees is fewer than four.

5) He supports tax incentives to companies that bring high paying jobs to our city and will not support any more tax incentives for student housing. We must find creative ways to keep our graduates in Columbia and encourage them to raise their families with us.

6) Lastly, he knows how to address the homeless situation and possibly end it. Under his leadership, he will establish a program to hire them and pay them with tokens, not money. These tokens can be redeemed at restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes, or to purchase basic commodities but may not be redeemed for alcohol or drugs.

Vote for experience, integrity, and leadership for mayor. Vote Moe Baddourah: A Businessman for Columbia.

John Adams, a native of Columbia and lifelong resident, has two children in public schools. and cares deeply about Columbia. He is the son of former Columbia Mayor T. Patton Adams.

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