Surface Pro 4 tipped to be a huge update, slated for late 2015 release

Microsoft just unveiled a brand new Surface laptop, but not the Surface Pro 4 some Windows fans might be waiting for. But don’t fret, because new reports indicate the Surface Pro 4 will be an upgrade worth waiting for when it’s released later this year.

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Even though some reports suggested the Windows tablet would be released in July, Inquisitor reports that there’s now reason to believe the Surface Pro 4 won’t be available to consumers until October, at which point it will launch with Windows 10 on board.

The device is supposed to pack some serious high-end specs, according to Venture Capital Post, including two size options (12-inch and 14-inch) with 2K resolution displays, Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processor options, 16GB of RAM and a stylus. However, these specs are yet to be confirmed.

Actual pricing details for Microsoft’s rumored laptops isn’t available at this time, but the Surface Pro 4 should be more expensive than the recently unveiled Surface 3.

A few days ago, Microsoft quietly announced the Surface 3, a 10.1-inch Windows tablet that costs just $499 and will be upgradeable to Windows 10 later this year.

A fall release for the Surface Pro 4 would likely mean a launch in line with Apple’s new iPads. In fact, Apple is rumored to launch a larger iPad of its own, the 12-inch iPad Pro, which might compete directly against Microsoft’s Surface Pro line.

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