Surf's up, dog: canines hit the waves in California

STORY: Dogs competed in categories according to size in small, medium and large-very large groups.

Jeffrey Nieboer drove up from San Diego with his 7.5-year-old lab Charlie, who started surfing at age 2. He won second place in the large-very large dog group.

James Wall brought his dog, Faith, a 10-year-old rescue dog, up for the competition and took first place in the large-very large dog category.

Dogs are judged on multiple factors, including the length of the ride, technique (standing on all fours vs sitting vs laying down), confidence, and size or strength of the wave.

The small dog group includes dogs from 1 to 20 pounds (0.45kg - 9.1kg), the medium dog group includes 21 to 40 pounds (9.5kg - 18.1kg), and the large and very large dog group includes dogs 41 pounds (18.5kg) and higher.