Surge in global cases fueled by outbreak in India

Over 40% of the new cases of the virus are in India.

Video Transcript

- Global cases of the coronavirus are surging as they ease up in the United States. The spike is mostly fueled by a massive outbreak in India. Over 40% of new cases of the virus are in that country, but there are some troubling signs for us here in the United States. ABC'S Kristine Sloan has more.

KRISTINE SLOAN: According to the CDC, more than 103 million Americans are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19, but the rate of vaccines being administered per day has declined.

PAUL OFFIT: We need to get to 80% population immunity, you know, by-- as we approach fall because if not, I think we're going to be in trouble next winter.

KRISTINE SLOAN: Some places seeing an increase in patients. The University of Kansas Health System opening a second COVID-19 ICU for the first time in months.

- Nobody wants to wear a mask. We have not wanted to wear a mask, but the virus does not care about that.

KRISTINE SLOAN: Meanwhile, there are signs life is slowly returning to normal. The Kentucky Derby welcoming back fans following last year's Run for the Roses held in September with no spectators. For those traveling, Delta Airlines is the last US carrier to announce it will begin selling middle seats on its aircraft.

But overseas, the situation in India continues to worsen. The country setting another daily global record, with almost 402,000 new cases. Officials there opening vaccinations to all adults in hopes of stopping the spread. The US announcing a travel restriction from India on Tuesday, cutting off entry to most people who've traveled there in the last two weeks.