Surgeon General says he's 'optimistic' the coronavirus impact can be slowed if US keeps up social distancing for 30 days (Rhea Mahbubani)
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    How you economically survive and maybe even prosper thru this pandemic requires clear , intelligent, non-political thinking. I will leave it at that.
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    Good Luck, unless mandatory rules are established people will go on their merry way.
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    Got the idea from or just after a Dream.. had to check breath ability, and seemed to work very well. My question is (and Please check on this, as could be a prime way to make a mask or use with one), Can we use a simple Household item (coffee drinkers) as a COFFEE FILTER ??? They are fairly large when spread out, very fine woven, and I also tried doubling up with Two, and could still breath well. If not making a mask with Just a filter, maybe use it in conjunction with making your own & placing the filter Inside of the cloth one???? Filters a very fine woven, cannot be seen through, light weight, and fairly strong if not wet. IF WORKS... please pass on.
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    They have been saying the same script for over 2 weeks and still the next news article is the same. Not getting better. I don't know about anybody else, but in my neighborhood, it's quiet, less people are shopping and only a few are outdoors. Yet, they are projecting the worse.
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    In 30 days there will little left of the American economy. Is there any discussion of a re-entry plan or are we just waiting until the last viral case is seen in the world?
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    Speaking of California and Washington, Surgeon General Jerome Adams said, "Their public health officials should be applauded because they've given us the blueprint for how we should deal with this in the rest of the country".
    The problem is that the blueprint already existed before California and Washington even started acting. Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea were already taking effective action against coronavirus, and they were doing so in a transparent, easy to view and understand manner.
    All the U.S. needed to do is to look to those other countries and follow the procedures that were working for them. And we also could look at countries like Italy and Spain to see what *not* to do. This is not rocket science.
    But instead, our government operated under the fallacious premise that we know better how to handle this than anywhere else, and that we could ignore any useful information from the rest of the world and just go it on our own.
    That led to a several week delay here while our federal, state, and local governments created a hodgepodge of conflicting and, in many cases, totally ineffective procedures, and this cost lives here.
    It's good that our country is finally starting to get with the program after so many needless deaths have occurred here due to our federal, state, and local governments' failures.
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    "The Surgeon General oversees the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) Commissioned Corps, an elite group of over 6,000 uniformed officers who are public health professionals. " (web page). Curiously we don't seem to be hearing much from this entity, which presumably should be playing a central role in the nation's respons to the corona virus. Nobody pays much attention to the Surgeon General, partly because he has no personal expertise in this area and partly because he has no power to act, instruct or enforce. All he can do is advise. That's a pity because we have enough advisers already and we all know they are surplus to requirements because our president does not see the need to take advice on anything and refuses to do anything that does not directly improve his chances of being re-elected.
    So, of course I am not saying the 6,000 health professionals working for the Surgeon General are not playing a full and meaningful role in the current crisis, but actually it would be interesting to know what they are doing - we could use a bit of good news.
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    Do these leaders really believe that 6 ft apart is easy. it is next to impossible in so many situations. I myself have family that are exposed almost daily as they have to work. But if I felt sick, I know this is so as I am down with pneumonia.and my Doc.says take another drug. could I have been exposed to this virus. it would take an act of congress or more for them or me to be tested for this virus. I think I am okay as I have had this for sometime, but I just wanted to make a point.
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    I am getting sick of these proclamations. It would be nice to know exactly what they’re looking for. There are millions and millions of contacts that are not happening because of the steps we’ve taken. The models keep going downward as far as deaths predicted. It is having an effect but no one knows what the ultimate goal is. If they continue with this vague “we will tell you in 30 days”, people will get frustrated.
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    Yes. Lock yourselves up for another 30 days and we’ll reevaluate (aka lock you up for 30 more days) once that time has passed.