Surprise export surge gives Germany a boost

Business sentiment has been sagging in Germany...

But new trade numbers give a welcome lift.

Driven largely by strong demand from non-European countries, exports rose in October by 1.2 per cent month on month.

A fall had been expected.

In another surprise, a new Sentix survey on Monday (December 9) shows euro zone investor morale climbing for the second month in a row.

After a string of gloomy data, all raising hope the region's economy can sidestep a contraction this quarter.

It's a contrast to China.

Still suffering from the U.S./China tariff war, November's exports from the world's second-biggest economy were down 1.1% from a year earlier ...

When a rise had been expected.

China hopes for a trade deal with the U.S. as soon as possible, it said on Monday.

Washington's next round of tariffs against Chinese goods are scheduled to take effect on December 15.

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