Survey: Wealthy investors want infrastructure

·1 min read

Data: UBS Investor Pulse; Chart: Danielle Alberti/Axios

Wealthy investors and business owners overwhelmingly support the Biden administration's infrastructure plan, according to a new UBS survey.

Yes, but: It starts to drop off for "social infrastructure" initiatives, like child care services and elderly care.

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Why it matters: It mirrors the fight that’s escalated in Washington over how to rebuild America — what should be in the plan and how it should be paid for.

What they’re saying: “The notion that this is going to be fully offset by tax increases I think is unrealistic,” Mike Ryan, a divisional chairman at UBS, tells Axios.

The intrigue: Nearly all — 97% of investors and 94% of businesses — want the plan funded without raising the deficit.

  • 72% of investors support paying for the plan “through corporate tax reform.” 83% of business owners say the same.

  • Corporate America has unsurprisingly opposed proposals to raise their tax rate.

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