The Survivor 41 players reveal their most embarrassing moments

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When they go on Survivor, some players find glory on the screen. Others, not so much. With little control over what happens out there on the island, and absolutely no control over the edit they get, a contestant's most humiliating moments can often end up being aired around the world.

So with the premiere of Survivor 41 coming Sept. 22 on CBS, we asked the new cast to prepare themselves for the potential awkwardness on the horizon by revealing their most embarrassing moments ever — and boy, do we have some doozies.


Robert Voets/CBS (3) 'Survivor 41' contestants Liana Wallace, Danny McCray, and Sydney Segal

Our dear castaways have suffered some hilarious discomfort over the years. Who tore a dress, potentially exposing some "really funky underwear"? Who "fell flat on my ass" with a sushi roll in hand? Who broke wind "in a very quiet DMV"? And who announces somewhat offhandedly, "I fart a lot"?

Oh, but that's not all. Not by a long shot. Here's what else the Survivor 41 cast brings to the table: Throwing up in a pool? Check. Feminine hygiene product mishap? Check. Pooping their pants… in college? Check and check. Of course, all those embarrassing moments pale in comparison to the contestant who somehow managed to almost start a fire… with his underwear!

If the stories these 18 are spilling in this montage are any indication of the tales they'll be telling on screen during season 41, then we should have a pretty entertaining (and pleasantly self-deprecating) cast on our hands.

Of course, the most embarrassing thing of all would be getting voted out first, a fate that awaits one of these poor souls. In the meantime, watch the video above and amuse yourself with the player who in her online class mistakenly typed in "Google Dicks" instead of Google Docs.

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