Survivors of Russian missile strike recall horror

STORY: Rescue workers in Ukraine on Tuesday scrambled to find survivors of a Russian missile strike on a busy shopping mall.

More than a dozen people were killed when two missiles struck the mall in Kremenchuk on Monday.

While firefighters and soldiers sifted through rubble, medical workers tended to the injured.

The public hospital is treating 25 patients, some of them in critical condition.

This husband and wife were shopping at an electronics store when the blast hit.


"I flew head first and splinters hit my body. The whole place was collapsing. Then I landed on the floor and I don’t know if I was conscious or unconscious.”


"I saw lots of wounded people, burned people, some were covered in blood. One girl fell down and we helped pull her along. She fell and lost consciousness but we tried to help her.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has called the attack a 'calculated strike.'

He said around 1,000 people were in the mall at the time.

Not all of them have been accounted for.

At a hotel near the mall, people lined up to register the names of those who are still missing -- about 40, so far.

"I was working and I heard the explosion and I saw the fire. I put my friends name on the list, but we have no information whether he is alive or not.”

Witnesses said an air raid siren had sounded the alarm ahead of the attack.

But shops remained open.

The mall’s management had recently changed the rules, allowing them to do so.

Russia had yet to comment on the strike by early Tuesday.

It calls its invasion of Ukraine a ‘special operation’.

Meanwhile, Leaders of the Group of Seven major democracies have raised an outcry, calling the strike "abominable."

They’ve promised nearly $30 billion in new aid for Kyiv.