Susan Collins Declares Victory In Maine Senate Race

Susan Collins says her opponent Sara Gideon has conceded defeat in the hard-fought Maine Senate race.

Video Transcript

SUSAN COLLINS: I want to-- I want to publicly thank Sara for her call. We had a good talk, and I very much appreciated her taking the time to call. Let me say what an extraordinary honor it is to represent the great state of Maine and to know that I will have the opportunity to serve all of Maine for the next six years.


And, you know, during our great all of Maine bus tour, we traveled to, of course, all 16 counties but visited more than 80 communities, put 6,500 miles on the bus, and had a wonderful time talking with people in their hometowns, their workplaces. It was a wonderful experience and one that I always enjoy. I feel that this is an affirmation of the work that I'm doing in Washington to fight hard every day--


--to fight hard every day for the people of Maine. And finally, let me say, that this is an honor that is historical as well. I am the first person since Maine directly elected its senators to win a fifth term.


So to the people of Maine, thank you, thank you! I will serve you with all my heart. I will work hard for you each and every day, and together, we will come together to work on the problems and challenges that are facing our state and our country. I am so honored to have that responsibility. Thank you so much to the people of Maine. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

- So that was Senator Susan Collins speaking to cheering supporters. There, she referred to a phone call from Sara Gideon, her opponent, but she said there that she feels honored she will have the opportunity to serve all of Maine for the next six years-- I feel this is an affirmation of the work I'm doing in Washington. Thank you to the people of Maine, and we will come together, and she referred to coming together as a nation to solve the problems that face us.