Suspect of I-165 shooting denied bond

UPDATE (8:57 p.m.): In the bond hearing, prosecutors called a Violent Crimes Detective for the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office to the stand as a witness.

According to the detective, deputies responded to the Jan. 15 I-165 shooting after receiving the call at around 6 p.m. The call originally came into the Mobile Police Department, but the Sheriff’s Office was the one to take the lead since it was out of the MPD’s jurisdiction. Upon arrival, detectives found a 15-year-old female had been killed and a 9-year-old male had been injured. Both were taken to Women and Children’s Hospital.

Investigation and Case Events:

Four shell casings were recovered between the travel and exit lanes in the median area during the investigation.

“We conducted a quick canvas of the interstate to find more shell casings,” the witness noted.

T’Marvin Jones, 18, was taken into custody.

The autopsy of the female victim showed a gunshot wound to the nose and several to the torso. The 9-year-old was shot twice in the leg.

One vehicle had six occupants inside, according to investigations.

The suspect’s vehicle, a 2022 Audi A4, belonged to Enterprise Car Rentals. The vehicle was towed from Enterprise to an impound lot for the investigation. Following investigations, it was determined that the person who rented the car let Dayell Davis borrow it.

Davis was then detained.

At this point of talking with the detective, the prosecution called investigators to the stand. The investigators recalled their interview with Davis.

Davis’ interview with investigators

A recording of Davis’ interview with investigators played in the courtroom.

In the interview, Davis told investigators that he thought the victim’s vehicle was following him. Davis said he saw the window roll down and shot. He said he shot 7-8 times after he said he saw an occupant of the victim’s vehicle flashing a gun. Davis said the shooting started on the first curve on I-165.

Davis admitted to taking cocaine earlier in the day, which he told investigators may have made him paranoid.

Davis said he broke down the gun used in the shooting and threw it into Three Mile Creek at Tricentennial Park.

Davis said, “I see them guns in the back.” Davis said that he didn’t know what kind of gun he thought he saw being held by occupants of the victim’s vehicle.

He claimed he had an “AR” (Armalite Rifle).

Investigators told Davis that based on surveillance video, it looked like there was somebody else in the car with him. Davis said that he was by himself during the shooting.

Davis said he was on the right side of the victim’s vehicle during the shooting. He continued that he didn’t recall what happened immediately after the shooting.

According to investigators, Davis’ son was shot about a month before he was arrested. Investigators noted that could mean someone was after his son.

Detective witness takes stand for second time for the prosecution

According to the detective, the car was turned into Enterprise a day early.

The detective witness said a total of 10 shots entered the Armada, the victim’s vehicle.

Davis said he bought the gun off the streets for $250.

Investigators are still waiting on phone records.

Defense cross-examines detective witness

According to the witness, “initial fire is generally more directed” whereas return fire is more random and sporadic.

T’Marvin Jones had a firearm. Jones said he got the gun from the front seat.

Davis told investigators that he saw a gun brandished in the victim’s vehicle when he saw the window roll down.

“He had beef with a lot of people” because of gang affiliation, the witness said. Several people were interviewed who had “beef” with Jones.

The suspect’s vehicle was rented out again before MCSO impounded it. It had also been cleaned several times before the MCSO took it on Jan. 16.

Sticks on the sides of the vehicle are trajectory rods that show the bullet trajectory. A bulge in the back of the victim’s vehicle shows that a shot could have been fired from the inside out and backward by Jones.

A 40-caliber, semi-automatic casing was found inside the suspect’s vehicle. According to the witness, the shell casing matched “T’Marvin’s gun.”

The witness also noted that all of the entrance wounds on the 15-year-old victim were on the right side of her body.

According to investigators, shots were fired from both vehicles.

Investigators interviewed Davis on Feb. 1. They interviewed Jones the night of the shooting.

Prosecution recalls detective witness to the stand

While Davis said that he thought he saw a window roll down, the windows were not rolled down in the photos investigators took of the vehicle.

Based on video evidence, the witness said that he thought the incident was road-rage-based since Davis had no relation to the family and no prior criminal record.

Defense Quotes

“There have been multiple murder cases that have come through District Court that are granted bonds,” the defense attorney said.

“The stuff that he told the officers is corroborated by independent evidence,” the defense attorney said.

Prosecution Quotes

“I don’t know how all people aren’t dead in the back seat of this car. It’s a miracle,” prosecutors said.

“[Aniah’s Law] has been enacted in this state for a reason,” prosecutors said.


MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A suspect in the Jan. 15 I-165 shooting that left a 15-year-old girl dead and a 9-year-old boy injured was denied bond eligibility following court rulings.

Dayell Davis, 46, was denied bond following a state-requested hearing for Aniah’s Law. Aniah’s Law, sponsored by Rep. Chip Brown (R- Mobile), passed in 2021, made it harder for violent criminals to be eligible for bail by putting bail eligibility in the hands of the judge.

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“The situation demanded that we file this motion for the safety of our community,” Mobile County District Attorney Keith Blackwood said.

Since Davis was charged with intentional murder in connection with the I-165 shooting, he met the criteria of being denied bond under the law.

A detective with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office took the stand, and said Davis was tracked down thanks to clues gathered from the car he was allegedly driving at the time of the shooting.

The Audi A4 Davis admitted to driving was a rental car that a family member let him borrow that day. Davis admitted to chasing the Nissan Armada that the victims were in.

Davis said he saw an occupant, 18-year-old T’Marvin Jones, brandish a weapon before he said the window rolled down. At that time, Davis said he shot at the Armada with what MCSO investigators said was an AK-47 pistol. Davis told investigators he bought the gun “off the street” for $250.

“I [saw] them guns in the back,” Davis said in an interview with detectives.

The bullet, according to the detective, struck the 15-year-old girl in the nose and multiple times right side of her body. The 9-year-old was shot twice in the leg.

“I don’t know how all people aren’t dead in the back seat of this car,” a prosecutor said. “It’s a miracle.”

The detective testified that 10 shots entered the Armada.

According to the detective’s testimony, Davis admitted to using cocaine earlier in the day, which could have impaired his judgement.

The detective said bullet trajectories and spent shell casing showed evidence of a shootout between Jones and Davis, however, it’s unclear who shot first.

Jones was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment and tampering with physical evidence.

“Anyone could have been hurt,” Blackwood said.

Investigators said Jones was a known gang member, and early in the investigation, it was thought that the shooting could be gang-related; however, Blackwood said this could be a serious case of road rage.

“It appears to me that these two parties did not know each other,” Blackwood said.

Davis admitted to taking apart his gun after the shooting and throwing the pieces in a creek at Tricentennial Park. MCSO is using divers to find the gun.

Both cars involved in the shooting remain at the MCSO impound lot as the investigation continues.

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