Suspect arrested in killing of four Idaho students

STORY: Pennsylvania state police arrested postgraduate student Bryan Christopher Kohberger, suspecting he fatally stabbed four University of Idaho students more than six weeks ago.

Authorities said Kohberger studied criminal justice at Washington State University.

The university said he completed his first semester in early December, suggesting he remained on campus for weeks just 10 miles away from the crime scene across the Idaho state line, before he returned to Pennsylvania.

The slain University of Idaho students – three female and one male – were found in an off-campus house on November 13.

They were stabbed multiple times, and some victims had defensive wounds, suggesting they tried to fend off an attack.

Speaking to the press on Friday, police chief James Fry in Moscow, Idaho, said the town of 25,000 remains shaken by the murders.

“These murders have shaken our community and no arrest will ever bring back these young students. However, we do believe justice will be found through the criminal process. This was a very complex and extensive case. We had developed a clear picture over time, and we stand assured that the work - the work is not done. Be assured the work is not done. This is just started.”

Fry said the murder weapon has not been recovered, though officers found the car believed to have been near the home when the murders took place.

He also declined to reveal how authorities tracked down Kohberger to about 90 miles north of Philadelphia.

The 28-year-old suspect now awaits a hearing on whether he will waive extradition and return voluntarily to Idaho to face charges.