Suspect arrested for robbing multiple Gig Harbor homes in December

Police have arrested a suspect who they believe is responsible for multiple residential home burglaries in Gig Harbor.

In December, multiple homes in Gig Harbor were robbed. According to the Gig Harbor Police Department, the burglars gained access through unlocked doors and windows.

Police believe two burglars entered three homes and attempted to gain access to others during early morning hours.

The burglars stole wallets, purses and credit cards from the homes.

Detectives said video obtained from businesses in Tumwater and Bellevue, where the stolen credit cards were used, corresponded with video from the affected homes.

The burglars have also been associated with thefts in Kitsap and King counties.

On Wednesday, police announced a 24-year-old man from Seattle was booked into jail on 3 counts of residential burglary, 3 counts of theft and 15 counts of financial fraud.

A second suspect was also identified, and Gig Harbor police are working to locate him.

Police remind Gig Harbor residents to keep their doors and windows locked, and to not leave valuables in their cars.