Suspect Charged With Murder, Arson In Fire That Killed Mother, Daughter

Reginald Brown is accused of setting the fire that killed Ieashia Ford and her daughter, Porche Stinson Ford, in Auburn Gresham. CBS 2's Jeremy Ross reports.

Video Transcript

BRAD EDWARDS: With that, we say good afternoon. I'm Brad Edwards.

ERICA SARGENT: And I'm Erica Sergeant. They were trying to help a man down on his luck, but CBS 2 has learned that man is now accused of setting a fire that killed the very Chicago mother and daughter who cared for him.

BRAD EDWARDS: CBS 2's Jeremy Ross live in Auburn Gresham with major developments in the story, we've been covering for more than a week now, Jeremy.

JEREMY ROSS: And Brad and Erica, we were here that first Sunday-- all the fire you can see the area behind us, that home is now boarded up. On the other side, you can see Memorial balloons flying in the breeze. Family telling us immediately they knew who cops were looking for. This week investigators telling us they got their man, and now he's facing charges.

The fire burned hot and quick on Hermitage and 87th. Despite the efforts of firefighters, the blaze charred much of this home and tragically took two lives inside.

- It is always going to be more grief and more anger.

TIEASHIA STINSON: I call my mama just to see if she's going to answer the phone. And when she don't answer the phone, I just cry.

- We're in a place right now where we all mad and distressed.

TIEASHIA STINSON: Because my mom is one only thing I got, and my little sister-- she's got too. Tieashia Stinson battles the intense grief, following the February 28 fatal fire her mom, Ayesha Ford, and her sister 10-year-old Porsche died in the blaze. The family learning the man accused of causing their crisis and intense loss was finally caught this week, and charged Wednesday.

63-year-old Reginald Brown faces arson and two murder counts.

- They caught him. You know, that's good.

JOHNNIE MOORE: Every single day people get madder and madder about how it went down and how it happened.

- He gets to see another day. My mom and sister don't get to see another day.

JEREMY ROSS: The family saying Brown only came into their lives about a month ago, claiming the 63-year-old told Ford he had a dire health condition, and out of the kindness of her heart, Ford became friends with him. But that friendship ended after family said Brown made an accusation of theft that turned into a fatal arson investigation

FELICIA WHITE: Yeah, he was saying that my other cousin took his wallet, so that's why he set the house on fire.

- He didn't care who all was up in there.

FELICIA WHITE: You know, I don't know what was going through his brain.

- Killed two people that didn't have nothing to do with your wallet.

FELICIA WHITE: I hope he never gets out. I mean for Porsche, she's innocent. Her and Ieashia were innocent. 10 years old, she don't know what she did. So I hope he gets what he deserves.

JEREMY ROSS: Now asked for a wallet causing this fatal fire. No confirmation from police or prosecutors at this point in time. Now the family has set up a fund for the surviving children. For more on that, visit our website The funeral's scheduled for Friday. Live in Auburn Gresham, Jeremy Ross, "CBS 2 News."