5-year-old may have died before search began, court docs say

The 5-year-old boy may have died as long ago as May 10. The primary suspect's roommate gave police the disturbing details of where the child's body has been.

Video Transcript

- --this morning. Police are still trying to figure out how a little boy, believed to be Samuel Olson, died.

- The girlfriend of Samuel Olson's father is now charged in this case. ABC 13's Courtney Fischer has new video of little Sam shared by his mother. Such a horrible story, Courtney.

COURTNEY FISCHER: Yeah. That's right, Erica. Theresa Balboa is the girlfriend who you're talking about, the girlfriend of Samuel Olsen's father. She is still in the Jasper County jail. We're waiting for her to be brought back to Houston, which could happen any time, likely today.

Her charges could also be upgraded. Right now, she's only charged with tampering with physical evidence in regards to this death investigation. Police say they are still talking to quite a few people involved in the case right now, including Samuel's father. Samuel would have turned six-years-old this past weekend.

- Connor, We-- we almost there. I would say, goodbyes and I love you, bye bye.

COURTNEY FISCHER: That's new video you guys are talking about. There are still so many questions about what happened to this little boy-- mainly when, and then, how he died. But new details from court records lay out how investigators think Theresa Balboa was involved. On Monday after helping to search for Samuel, she and a friend allegedly drove to a storage unit in Webster and picked up a big plastic container.

From there, police say a friend drove Teresa to that Best Western in Jasper, and the next day he called in the tip to police to report where she was. Police searched the hotel room and found what appeared to be a child's body in black plastic bags, secured with duct tape. Samuel's mother, Sarah Olson, spoke through her attorney. Her message right now is this.

- Our utmost priority is to make sure that justice is done for her baby, Samuel, OK? And she also doesn't want people to forget, you know, his name.

COURTNEY FISCHER: Now at this point, police have not said anything about a possible motive in this case. More details-- waiting for those to be released-- but, of course, everyone wants to know, why and who would want this little boy dead.

For now, reporting live from police headquarters, downtown, Courtney Fischer, ABC 13 Eyewitness News.