Suspect in custody after fire at Laguna Hills home

A suspect is in custody after a house was damaged by flames following a family dispute in Laguna Hills.

Video Transcript

- That tore through a mansion in Laguna Hills. What started as a simple family disturbance call quickly spiraled into a complex mission to rescue a man that was barricaded inside that burning home. Eyewitness News reporter Leticia Juarez is live at the scene with what we know so far. Leticia?

LATICIA JUAREZ: Well, good afternoon to you. We're just learning that there was probably no barricaded suspect. In fact, the suspect was apprehended just a few doors down, but what started out as a family dispute grew into a threat against the other home.

You can see Orange County Fire Authority, still, on scene, dousing those hot spots from their ladder truck onto the now diminished fire obviously. But they say, just in case, they just want to be sure that no other homes are being threatened, so they're putting a lot of water down there, as you can see, on top of the roof that has since collapsed. Go ahead and take a look at video of what it looked like earlier.

This was the scene around 11:00 this morning. You can see the roof of the Laguna Hills home consumed by fire. The Orange County Sheriff's Department say they were called to the home here this morning after a family dispute that broke out, but they say they didn't get in contact with anyone inside the home.

And when they tried to contact someone inside the home, they noticed that a fire had broken out. The Orange County Fire Authority responded as well, but due to the possible threat of a barricaded suspect, firefighters said they took a defensive action by protecting neighboring homes. Now, during the apparent standoff, neighbors were evacuated, while firefighters went, and protected homes, and hit the home that was on fire with power streams from their hoses at a distance.

VIRGIL ASCENSION: We treated this as a barricaded situation. We contacted our partners from the OC Fire Authority to help us with this situation. We evacuated the houses around the area, and just about an hour ago, we have the suspect in custody.

GREG BARTA: And our fire investigators are on scene, so what they're doing right now is combing through the scene to kind of be kin determining exactly where this fire originated and what the exact cause was.

LATICIA JUAREZ: And again, we're just learning that suspect was apprehended a few doors down from where that fire broke out. We don't exactly know what the situation is. But as you can see here, Greenfield Drive, which is right where the street runs in front of the home here, will be shut down for some time. So residents are being told, if they can remain away from the scene, or they're going to have to walk in on foot to get access to their homes at this moment. There's still an active investigation going on, including exactly what caused the fire and where in the home it started.