2 slashed on dispute on subway; 2nd incident in a matter of hours

The spate of violence underground continued overnight Friday, with two separate attacks on the same subway line in a matter of hours.

Video Transcript

- More violence underground. Two separate attacks on the same subway line in a matter of hours. In one case, a man is in custody, accused of slashing two women during a dispute on the Upper West Side. And in Harlem, two men were slashed. "Eyewitness News" reporter Diana Rocco has the story.

DIANA ROCCO: Two separate slashings on the 2 Train overnight have raised some big questions about safety underground as new numbers show subway crime has nearly doubled over this same time last year.

Police respond to a report of two women slashed on the Northbound 2 Train at 2 o'clock Friday morning and make two arrests. Police say a woman riding the train with her friend got into a fight with a man they knew. The 22-year-old woman pulled a knife when the man wrestled it away from her, slashing her in the face and wrist and her friend in the ear. The police commissioner spoke to Fox about the incident this morning.

DERMOT SHEA: We want to get to a place, obviously, where it never happens, but the officers are out there, I think, on both sides of this game. You see men and women out there protecting New Yorkers.

DIANA ROCCO: Hours earlier in Harlem, two men were slashed on the 2 Train platform at 110 and Lenox just stops away. The suspect then fled, but these latest incidents are part of rising crime underground that has many riders now concerned about safety.

- People getting cut or getting stabbed. This is crazy. We're living in a crazy--


- --time right now. But as long as you're vigilant and not always in your phone and paying attention, you'll be all right.

DIANA ROCCO: Subway crime is up 93% over this same time last year, with 168 incidents this May compared to 87 incidents in 2020.

FRANK WARREN: We do feel that in order to get New York City back up and running that we have to deliver a system that the people who are using it feel safe and secure in it.

BILL DE BLASIO: We've just now gotten to a point where we have the largest police force in our subways in over 25 years. That presence is going to be felt more and more.

DIANA ROCCO: 3,000 more officers have been deployed to the subways after an outcry from the MTA and the public. The NYPD says they continue to evaluate that no daily. Police are still looking for the suspect in last night's slashing incident in Harlem. None of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries.