Suspect in Daytona Beach killed after stabbing officer in the face: report

A suspect was shot and killed after stabbing a Daytona Beach officer in the face.

The incident happened Thursday morning at a gas station in Volusia County, WESH reported.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood posted to Twitter about the incident saying, “Thankful a @DaytonaBchPD officer & @VolusiaSheriff sergeant are OK this morning after a struggle with a trespass subject with a knife. The DBPD officer was stabbed in the face but is on the road to recovery. The suspect did not survive his attack on our law enforcement officers.”

Initially, the gas station owner called the police to have the suspect removed for trespassing, WESH reported. The Daytona Beach officer and the Volusia County deputy, a customer at the time, approached the suspect.

The suspect pulled out a knife and stabbed the officer in the face, WESH reported.

Neither the name of the officer nor the suspect has been released. The officer is expected to recover from his injury.

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