Suspect Dead After Officer-Involved Shooting At Mesquite Apartment Complex

Officials with the Mesquite Police Department have confirmed that one person is dead after an officer-involved shooting on Tuesday, May 4.

Video Transcript

DOUG DUNBAR: Meantime, Mesquite police continuing their investigation. This is after a deadly shooting involving two of their officers. It happened earlier this morning. Started with a call to 911 for some help, coming from the 5,800 block of Northwest Drive. Andrea Lucia live at Baylor Hospital to pick up the story where a family, I understand, says the officers should have been there to help him. Andrea?

ANDREA LUCIA: Yeah, absolutely. This is the hospital where Ashton Pinke was pronounced dead. It's where his family has spent much of the afternoon. They describe him as a father of four in his mid 20s who struggled with mental health. Now, they say-- and police confirm-- that there had been encounters between him and police before. His uncle tells me police knew him, and should have been there to help him.

Family members collapsed in tears as they learned Ashton Pinke hadn't survived an encounter with police.

- There was a lady screaming, and there was a guy laying on the ground, and the paramedics looked like they were trying to resuscitate him.

ANDREA LUCIA: Neighbors heard the gunshots and found their neighbor on the spot where his clothes still lay hours later. Nearby was what they described as a cane or stick he often carried with him while walking.

- I think-- I don't know if he lunged at them. I know he walked around-- from my understanding, he walked around the corner. The officer was saying something like, don't do it, or something.

ANDREA LUCIA: Relatives say Ashton was bipolar schizophrenic, and having some kind of trouble this morning. His girlfriend, they say, called Ashton's mother and 911 looking for help.


ANDREA LUCIA: In the call we heard in the background we could hear screaming, and it sounded like somebody being assaulted. Police identified the number as being linked to an address they've responded to before. According to police, Ashton was armed with what they call a club, and with a knife, when he was confronted by two officers. They say he charged at the officers, and one opened fire, ultimately killing him.

- We know that it happens. And then, when it happens in your own community, it's even more devastating.

ANDREA LUCIA: An attorney representing Ashton's family denies that he had any, quote, "deadly weapon" in his possession. But police say they have footage from at least one body worn camera, and that they intend to release it later this week. In Dallas, Andrea Lucia, CBS 11 News.