Suspect in Jaslyn Adams murder chase shot by CPD during expressway chase

Chicago police announce charges against a man shot by officers on the Eisenhower Expressway Thursday afternoon.

Video Transcript

ALEXIS MCADAMS: evening Judy and Rob. That's right, the family tonight still grieving this unimaginable loss as they wait for those charges to possibly be filed in the next 48 hours against the suspect, who is still in the hospital after he was shot during a shootout with police on the Eisenhower.

Right now, police are still working, though, to track down other suspects who were also involved in this case.

This afternoon, charges are pending against the man at the center of this wild police chase, connected to the murder of seven-year-old Jaslyn Adams.

TAWNY MCMULLEN: We prayed for justice, and we got it.

ALEXIS MCADAMS: Jaslyn's family hearing about the police pursuit as it happened.

TAWNY MCMULLEN: OK, they caught one. Get the rest of them. I'm quite sure there's more out there. Get the rest.

ALEXIS MCADAMS: This chase started Thursday afternoon when investigators say they tried to pull the murder suspect over in the western suburbs. The man, who was not yet been identified, then fled on I-290 and crashed near Mannheim. Investigators say the suspect then tried to carjack a family on the interstate.

Moments later, Illinois State Police say the suspect fired at police. Officers then shot him and arrested him.

There were at least two guns found in the car. Police haven't said if they were used in Jaslyn's murder.

TAWNY MCMULLEN: She was so sweet. Just such an angel. She loved doing her TikTok videos, playing with Roblox, playing Brookhaven. She just was an angel. I mean, harmless.

ALEXIS MCADAMS: The seven-year-old was shot and killed on Sunday while at a McDonald's drive-thru with her dad. The car riddled with bullet holes. The innocent child shot 6 times. Chicago police believe Jaslyn's dad was the target.

DAVID BROWN: Deciding to live the life of crime, getting in conflict with others who have decided to live a life of crime, and putting your precious babies in the car with you. And this has happened time after time after time. It's beyond enough is enough.

ALEXIS MCADAMS: Family waiting for charges to be filed.

TAWNY MCMULLEN: He get charged, and make sure the other ones come forth. Because I'm quite sure there's more than one. Make sure the other ones come forth. Somebody's got to pay.

ALEXIS MCADAMS: Now, the suspect is still in the hospital, as I mentioned, recovering after that shootout with police. At this time, the police and the authorities still have up to 48 hours to file those charges. It's still an active and ongoing investigation. They're still surveilling-- surveying people, rather, in the western suburbs that could be connected to this case. If you have any information, call Chicago police.