NYPD bodycam shows domestic violence suspect ambushing officers

The NYPD released body camera footage Friday of a November 2020 shooting that shows the suspect in a domestic violence case entering a home in Queens and opening fire on two officers and his alleged victim.

Video Transcript

- We're learning some new information tonight about the man, now dead, who sparked chaos in his home and in the community of Springfield Gardens in Queens. He's a security guard for CUNY, shot and killed by two New York cops today but not before firing at them and wounding them. The officers at the scene to look into a domestic violence case and that's when it all just exploded. With the new details, here's Eyewitness News reporter Jim Dolan.

JIM DOLAN: Tonight, an NYPD sergeant helped an elderly woman passed a grim Springfield Gardens crime scene on a pleasant tree-lined street already decorated for the joy of the season.

- It must have been something that made him snap. It got to be something that made him snap.

JIM DOLAN: 41-year-old Rondell Goppy. A security guard for the City University of New York, was shot and killed by police today after he used his two guns to shoot two NYPD officers. The officers were safeguarding Goppy's wife, who claimed to be the victim of domestic violence. They were in the couple's house just a few minutes.

- The subject returned to the residence, walks in the door of the residence, and begins shooting at the two officers.

JIM DOLAN: The injured officers returned fire and killed Goppy. Neighbors say Goppy's wife went to the police this morning.

- And she left this morning to go get the cops and they're coming back. She called his dad from the precinct and told the dad to come and get the kids because he's going to be locked up. And he said they not taking his kids, they're not going to take-- no one is going to take these kids from him.

BILL DE BLASIO: Here you have officers who do the Lord's work. They protect survivors of domestic violence. They go into some of the most volatile, difficult situations that you could possibly imagine.

JIM DOLAN: Protecting domestic violence victims is dangerous work. The two officers did it anyway.

PAT LYNCH: What would happen if the police officers weren't there? What would happen if we didn't have enough of them to cover all the radio runs? What would happen if a social worker was there and the police officer wasn't?

JIM DOLAN: One police officer was shot in both hands, the other in the thigh. Both officers are recovering. Mr. Goppy had his guns taken away from him by a court some months ago because of a domestic violence accusation. The judge returned those guns some weeks ago.