Suspect arrested in fatal Edmonds shooting linked to Marysville murder hours earlier

Two people are dead and two others are fighting for their lives after two deadly shootings happened just miles apart in Snohomish County.

Police say that the crime spree began in Marysville around 4 a.m. and then ended three hours later in Edmonds. Snohomish County deputies first saw the suspect speeding past a home on 164TH SW where three of the four total victims were shot.

After police took the suspect into custody they quickly learned that he was suspected of another killing just hours earlier.

“I looked out again and I saw the cops and the caution tape and I was like oh my gosh,” said Nicole Garza who lives in the Marysville complex where the shooting happened.

Garza says neighbors at the Twin Lakes Landing apartment building were shaken after one man shot another during an argument outside of the complex. Police say that both the victim and suspect are in their early 30s but that neither of them lived at the apartment building. Police were unable to find the suspect after they arrived but learned that he had entered a home and then shot three victims before stealing a nearby vehicle. The man arrested earlier in Edmonds is now a suspect in this shooting as well.

Anna Leonova is a friend of the victims and says that she is shocked.

“They’re very good friends. they have two amazing kids,” said Leonova, “I am just shocked. I mean really, I just don’t know what to say. I’m shocked”

Investigators have not yet released the names of the victims or the suspect.