Suspect In Shooting During Attempted Roseville Traffic Stop Arrested

The person suspected of shooting at a Roseville police officer several times has been taken into custody.

Video Transcript

JOHN DABKOVICH: And we begin with a suspect in custody after police say he opened fire on officers during a chase in Roseville. Good afternoon. I'm John Dabkovich. It was a wild scene that shut down a neighborhood for hours. CBS13's Rachel Wulff is near Kirby Way and Riverside Avenue with more on what happened.

RACHEL WULFF: Riverside, back open here along I-80 after it was shut down for hours this morning as part of that police investigation into a suspect who was on the loose after a traffic stop this morning. This is scanner audio from police after they pulled the man over.

- [INAUDIBLE] Ran a red-- Harding and Douglas-- Getting on to 80-- Shots fired, shots fired-- He's foot bailing northbound-- correction, westbound over the fence-- He is armed.

RACHEL WULFF: According to Roseville police, they made a traffic stop around 2:00 AM this morning. The driver did not pull over. A police chase followed onto I-80. The suspect reportedly fired multiple times at officers. Thankfully, no officers were injured.

But the suspect continued to come on to Riverside here, near Kirby way, and got out of the vehicle, and then ran through the neighborhood. He was on the lam for probably three or four hours, approximately, until about 6:30, when officers were able to take him into custody peacefully. That was at Vernon, about a mile from here.

Again, no officers injured, the suspect taken into custody peacefully, and this road just reopened here, just about 9 o'clock. So it was a bit snarled, and they were conducting their investigation. You may still see a few police officers in this neighborhood, but for the most part, all back to normal here after a bit of a hectic morning in Roseville.