Suspect steals backpack then stabs victim in Walmart parking lot in north Fresno

Anthony Galaviz/
·1 min read

A man was stabbed Wednesday night in a north Fresno shopping center near a Walmart and a McDonald’s.

Fresno Police said a male suspect who was wearing all black approached the 43-year-old victim in a parking lot near the intersection of Ingram and Herndon avenues, then took the man’s backpack.

The man then chased after the suspect and managed to get back his backpack.

But in the process of retrieving his backpack, the man was stabbed in the upper torso, according to Lt. Sean Biggs.

Fresno Police said the suspect took off and managed to either keep the victim’s cell phone or tossed it somewhere since it was the lone item the victim said was still missing.

Biggs said the victim went into a nearby Starbucks to ask for help after realizing he was stabbed.

Employees at the Starbucks immediately called police.

Officers arrived and found the victim conscious and breathing, and had the man transported to Fresno Community Regional Medical Center. The victim’s condition was not immediately known.

The whereabouts of the suspect remains unknown.

Police are looking into whether there was video surveillance that captured the stabbing and also were trying to locate witnesses of the incident.

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