Suspect wanted for double homicide turns himself in to Pensacola police

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A suspect wanted in connection with a double homicide last week at the Attucks Court property turned himself in to the Pensacola Police Department Tuesday night, according to PPD spokesman Officer Mike Wood.

Tavarras Thomas, 42, was wanted in connection with the shooting deaths of 24-year-old Cieric Parker and 18-year-old Dominique Bullard on June 22.

Parker was found dead at the scene and Bullard died after being taken to a local hospital.

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The PPD announced Monday investigators were seeking Thomas as a suspect in the shootings and he was considered "armed and dangerous."

He surrendered without any reported incident Tuesday, and Wood told the News Journal it's "quite common" for wanted individuals to turn themselves in after their story goes public.

According to Thomas' arrest report, a person whose name is redacted told officers that Thomas had an "ongoing dispute with a guy named 'Cain'." The report notes that Parker's nickname was Cain.

The redacted person told authorities that on June 22, she heard "two gunshots that appeared to be from a handgun followed by several louder gunshots that she believed to be fired from a rifle."

She said she saw Thomas yelling and shooting "a rifle with wood near the end of it," "which she believed to be a Draco AK-47 style rifle. The report notes a shell for a Draco style AK-47 was found at the scene.

Another person whose name was redacted told deputies that he knew Thomas for over 30 years and picked him up approximately 30 minutes after the reported shooting.

He told authorities that Thomas seemed "frantic and kept stating he didn't know what to do." He also reported that Thomas told him that "(Parker) shot at me and I shot back at him."

Thomas reportedly fled because "he was scared and did not know what to do."

Authorities said they believe Thomas was planning the shooting because of two Facebook posts he made prior to the shooting.

Roughly 22 hours before the shooting, Thomas made comments during a Facebook live video about his girlfriend cheating on him and a male that "attempted to 'push' his way into the house," according to the report.

Thomas wrote in a Facebook post 16 hours before the shooting that he wanted to apologize "for spraying all of y'all" because of something someone said.

As of Wednesday morning, Thomas was being held in Escambia County Jail without bond and charged with two counts of first-degree premeditated murder.

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