VTA documents: Shooter had history of insubordination, conflict

"He scares me. If someone was to go postal, it'd be him," an unnamed VTA employee said after Sam Cassidy had a verbal altercation with a coworker in 2020.

Video Transcript

- And we're getting some new insight into the gunman's life, along with complaints of violence, ITeam reporter Dan Noyes. He's been poring over court files and records, talking to Cassidy's former partner. And Dan joins us live with the story right now.

DAN NOYES: Well, Larry, Cassidy's former partner tells me he was violent with her. And those complaints also appear in that court file. She doesn't want to show her face or use her name, but this woman met Sam Cassidy on the dating site Match.com in 2008. He seemed like a nice guy at first?

- Yeah, sound like a tall, handsome, nice looking man, gentle.

DAN NOYES: Gentle?

- At the beginning.

DAN NOYES: At the beginning. She says he asked her to marry him after only two months. When she refused, she says Cassidy's personality changed.

- Yelling, screaming, insulting me. I got hurt a lot. I hurt.

DAN NOYES: Physically?

- Yeah.

DAN NOYES: In a filing from a domestic violence case in Santa Clara County Family Law Court, the woman claimed Cassidy exhibited major mood swings as a result of bipolar disorder. Adding several times during the relationship he became intoxicated and enraged and forced himself on me sexually.

- He was drinking a lot, he was drunk. At my apartment, he pushed me to bed, forced me to have sex.

DAN NOYES: It was actually Cassidy who filed for a temporary restraining order against the woman, claiming he broke up with her, she kept coming to his house to the point he had to call the police and that she may have keyed his car. The woman denied the accusations. Robert Cummings was her attorney on the case.

ROBERT CUMMINGS: There was a lot of gas lighting that went on, there was a lot of controlling and sexual abuse that you see in these types of situations.

DAN NOYES: Cummings said Cassidy acted as his own attorney. How did the case conclude?

ROBERT CUMMINGS: It concluded, we settled. Both sides walked away and moved on with their respective lives.

DAN NOYES: In light of the mass murder at VTA yesterday, Cassidy's former partner tells me she feels fortunate to have left him.

- I feel lucky. I'm still alive. I didn't die, you know.

DAN NOYES: She is also stunned and saddened by the loss of life at the hands of a man she dated 12 years ago.