Suspicious lunch bag was hiding a live grenade inside, Illinois police say

Dawson White
·1 min read

A call about a suspicious package yielded a disturbing discovery in Chicago Tuesday morning.

Around 9:30 a.m., authorities were alerted to a suspicious package on the city’s West Side, The Chicago Tribune reported.

The bomb squad responded to the scene and discovered a live grenade inside a blue lunch bag, according to the newspaper.

Police closed nearby streets while officials “secured the grenade,” the Tribune reported.

The bomb squad is expected to dispose of it in a secure location, according to WLS.

Officials have not released any further information.

The discovery comes a week after Highland Park police said a resident found a live hand grenade at the Openlands Lakeshore Preserve near Chicago, according to the outlet.

More “explosive material” was discovered Friday, WLS reported.

It’s not uncommon for people to stumble across explosives.

Last July, a Chicago resident found a live World War II artillery shell in their yard while working outside, McClatchy News reported. It was removed and safely destroyed.

A few days later, a Goodwill worker in Wisconsin found a grenade in the store’s donation bin, according to the report. The store was evacuated while officials removed the explosive and transported it for disposal.

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