SUV Crashes Into Preschool In Saugus; 3 Kids Hurt

Three children were injured Monday after an SUV crashed into a preschool in Saugus.

Video Transcript

- News at 5:30 PM.

- We're turning now to the breaking news of a car that has crash into what appears to be a preschool.

- And Desmond Shaw's live over the scene now in Sky 2, Des?

DESMOND SHAW: Pat and Jeff, it's the 28000 block of Seco Canyon where this happened moments ago. It looks like it involves this Honda Pilot SUV that went right through that wall. You can see the big hole now in the side of the La Petite Academy, and unfortunately there were children inside. Three pediatric patients actually had to be airlifted, so by helicopter. Two different helicopters came and took him to the hospital in unknown condition. One other person suffered minor injuries. There's actually still children playing in the far back yard, or at least there were a couple of minutes ago.

But now you see LA County Sheriff's deputies here on the scene securing the scene and investigating it. They're going to have to get some city engineers to come out and check the building because they're afraid that the structure of the building, or rather the integrity I should say, has been compromised.

Live in Sky 2 overhead, I'm Desmond Shaw. Pat and Jeff, back to you in the studio.

- OK, Des. Thank you so much for that report. We'll continue to follow that here on CBS.