SUV Crashes Into Preschool In Saugus; No Major Injuries Reported

Three children were transported to the hospital as a precaution Monday after a car crashed into a preschool in Saugus. Chris Holmstrom reports.

Video Transcript

SUZIE SUH: Our top story here on KCAL 9 News and streaming live on CBSN Los Angeles. It could have been a disaster when an SUV plowed right into a Santa Clarita Valley preschool full of toddlers.

JEFF VAUGHN: But late tonight, we have learned no one was seriously injured. LA County Sheriff's Department says an unlicensed driver crashed into La Petite Academy, the 28,000 block of Seco Canyon.

SUZIE SUH: KCAL 9's Chris Holmstrom spoke with parents who were shaken by the news.

CHRIS HOLMSTROM: A terrifying scene at La Petite Academy Preschool in Saugus. A driver of this white SUV slammed into the building. On the other side of the wall were toddlers. [? Shayna ?] Alder was one of them. Her mom, Allison, describes how she found out.

ALLISON ALDER: They said a car ran through the wall. She's fine, but you better come over here now, because she's pretty shaken.

CHRIS HOLMSTROM: Alder rushed to the school. A physician herself, she checked her for injuries.

ALLISON ALDER: It was scary. But I was very fortunate, because she didn't have any obvious bruises. And she was-- other than being shaken, she actually was acting pretty fine.

CHRIS HOLMSTROM: Out of precaution, they airlifted Shayna to a local hospital. Two other toddlers were airlifted as well. Alder tells me one of the kids had a cut on his forehead, but they are all expected to be OK. Shayna's father, Steve, explains where she was when the accident happened.

STEVE ALDER: She was just playing, reading a book. She's gotten into reading lately. And she's probably just sit with one of her friends. I'm guessing one of the two kids or-- I don't know. And when it went through, it landed on her. They found her underneath the bookshelf.

CHRIS HOLMSTROM: Sheriff's deputies would not give much information about how this happened, but the Alders have some ideas.

ALLISON ALDER: My guess is she was pulled-- to the brake, and then she accelerated into the wall. So I'm guessing she must have meant to reverse, and she went, she pushed the wrong button is my guess.

CHRIS HOLMSTROM: Yeah, and thankfully all the children are OK. As for what exactly happened, that's all part of an ongoing investigation. Chris Holmstrom, KCAL 9 News.