How Wood It Handle Corners? SUV Drivers Replaces Back Wheel With LOG

One brazen motorist has just changed a tyre… for a piece of wood.

A driver in Russia swapped one of the rear wheels on his SUV for a log, causing jaws to drop in traffic on the streets of St Petersburg.

Stunned motorists captured images and video footage of the driver weaving his way down a busy road with a log of wood for a fourth wheel.

The grind of the makeshift wooden tyre created smoke along the stretch of road and there were fears the Chevrolet Niva vehicle could catch fire.

One witness, Anastasia Nikolaeva, said the log was “emitting smoke from the friction with the road”.

The vehicle was reportedly travelling at 50kmh (31mph) into the city.

The driver was in the process of bringing the vehicle to a garage to get an actual wheel, it was reported.

Last year, another driver in Russia used a piece of wood instead of a wheel - in this instance a sled - to get from A to B.

(Pictures: CEN)