With 'swagger,' Pompeo navigates tightrope between Trump and world

  • K
    Sounds like he rails and blusters like his boss, but accomplishes little.
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    Big D
    An open bible.... and an open bottle of scotch...
  • g
    Pompeo is as big a liar as his boss. who has to be reminded of the truth but a liar. these people are giving christians a bad name.
  • u
    up n u
    He works for the devil and supports the devil, but keeps a bible open at his desk. Another hypocrite
  • T
    Who wants Bills ole ho choosing anyone other than yahoo we will find out about yahoo wannabe journalists working with the demoncraps and Russians .barrysayit
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    stuck in the middle
    Pompous Pompeo...another tRump stooge!
  • M
    Mo Money
    Pompous is a coward and traitor