Swalwell: Won't be bullied, need accountability

Rep. Eric Swalwell, one of the Impeachment managers says he won't "be bullied into calls for unity" because President Donald Trump needs to be held "accountable for what he did." (Jan. 14)

Video Transcript

ERIC SWALWELL: I was encouraged that it was a unity impeachment vote, but the number three Republican in the House, Liz Cheney, joined us and joined nine other Republicans. So you have a double-digit Republican vote. I think that shows there are responsible Republicans that believe that some things are above party politics.

And so I'm not going to be bullied into calls for unity, which mean that we throw away accountability and not hold the president accountable for what he did. Whether it's a cult leader or a terrorist leader or a mob leader, that individuals can be held accountable in criminal law for their words, for their incitement, for their radicalization that leads others to take action. And so there are a number of examples in history and in the law books of where you can do that. And so I think we have the challenge ahead of convincing the Senate that the president's words were a call to action for the terrorists who did attack the Capitol.

On what the Senate does with it for now, we'll leave that up to the Senate. Our goal is to earn a conviction. If the trial were to occur before he leaves office, I think for the sake of all of our safety, having him removed and not serving another hour is ideal. If it's beyond his presidency, for other reasons, like accountability and the consequences, of course, those will have to be considered by the Senate.

I serve with people who can do more than one thing at a time. That's why they're in Congress, and that's why their constituents sent them and that we can hold the president, President Trump, accountable and also crush the coronavirus and reopen our economy and our schools and our churches and also take on the economic challenges and help the new president stand up, a new administration.