Swampscott 2020 Election: 82 Percent Voter Participation

Scott Souza
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SWAMPSCOTT, MA — A record 6,816 early voters helped Swampscott to an 82 percent voter turnout as residents cast their ballot in the 2020 presidential election.

Swampscott Town Clerk Susan Duplin said an average of about 450 residents voted per precinct at the polls and "everything, thankfully, went smoothly."

She said the 82 percent turnout was virtually the same at the 2016 figure.

While there were concerns throughout the spring and summer about what an expected contentious election would be like amid a pandemic, many North Shore Patch readers said voting was "smooth" and "very organized," while clerks said this year could provide a blueprint for future elections post-coronavirus crisis.

"I think mail-in ballots are here to stay in the state election cycle," Peabody City Clerk Allyson Danforth told Patch on Wednesday. "With this new process of mail-in and two weeks of early in person voting I will be interested to see the final price tag for cities and towns. Hopefully, the state will continue to pick up the cost of the mail-in process."

"It was a long, busy day, but a good day." Beverly City Clerk Lisa Kent said. "We will see what happens with the state to see if the mail in votes are staying. We have not heard anything yet."

As much of the country fell asleep still awaiting results in major races — including president — residents here were only waiting on one big question that could change the way they vote in future elections.

Supporters of Question 2, a ranked-choice ballot initiative, conceded well after midnight, saying they came up short. The "No" side was up 55 percent to 45 percent with 81 percent of precincts reporting.

Outside Question 2, there wasn't much suspense despite unprecedented voter turnout in an election set against the backdrop of a pandemic.

The state was called for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden immediately after the polls closed.

Biden was up nearly 1 million votes on President Trump with most precincts reporting. U.S. Sen. Ed Markey won his race soon after.

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