SWAT situation with armed man in W. Houston ends

Police said they arrived to the scene after receiving a call from the man's girlfriend who complained he had assaulted her.

Video Transcript

- All regarding a disturbance with a weapon, a female called stating that she had been assaulted by her boyfriend. And during the course of that assault, he also retrieved a firearm that belonged to her.

She managed to escape the apartment. She called 9-1-1 for assistance. Officers arrived. They found visible injuries on her. Through their interview and investigation, they were able to determine that during the assault, the suspect had impeded her ability to breathe. The officers called the district attorney's office. They were able to obtain felony charges for aggravated assault, impeding breath, which is a felony offense.

Officers then understanding that this male was inside the apartment armed with the pistol. Contact and command center requesting assistance from tactical operations division for this potential existential threat situation. While the officers were in the process of filing the charges and getting a valid warrant, the SWAT team as well as hostage negotiators responded to the scene. We were able to contain the scene very well.

And once the warrant was filed, we reviewed it was valid. Our hostage negotiators by that time had made repeated attempts to make contact with the suspect. At no point, did he really give us any response. He never responded to our attempts to make contact. And so at that point, we finally forced entry into the apartment. He was compliant. We're able to place him in custody. And so that was a good positive result. And he's now in custody.

The scene has now been resolved. He is going to be taken to a hospital to be checked out. Prior to today, he had recently been hospitalized. And so we have a concern regarding his medical condition. But him going to the hospital is simply precautionary to have him checked out not a result of any actions by HPD today.

- The guy that was detained so would that be the suspect?

- That's going to be the suspect.

- I just want to make sure.

- Absolutely. Anything else? It's pretty simple today. Thank you.