These Sweat-Wicking Socks are Perfect for Sweaty Workouts

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Scouted/The Daily Beast/Adidas/Bombas/Smartwool

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Socks are the unsung hero of nearly every outfit, but when it comes to working out or playing sports, having on the right pair is essential to performance as well. The best pairs of men’s athletic socks can help support your feet, cushion stress areas and make it easier to work out for longer periods of time. With a quality pair of athletic socks, you can run for longer distances without getting blisters, or lift heavier weights without hurting the heel or ball of your foot. Socks are one of the best small luxuries you can give yourself and finding the right athletic socks for the way you exercise can make all the difference.

Great men’s athletic socks have specialized padding and compression elements to increase blood flow and support sensitive areas in the foot. Some socks are even made specifically to support your foot based on how you distribute your weight. Most men’s athletic socks will also be designed with sweat-wicking, antimicrobial material to help keep your feet dry while sweating and keep odor-causing bacteria at bay.

Obviously, beyond all of these important features, it is equally as important that the socks are comfortable to wear. With so many options on the market today, it can definitely be hard to choose which men’s athletic socks are actually worth trying out. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up some of the best performance-enhancing and odor-reducing athletic socks so you don’t have to deal with the trial and error process.

Lululemon MacroPillow Ankle Running Sock

First known almost exclusively for running gear, Lululemon has created some of the most popular and dynamic socks on the market. Lululemon MacroPillow Ankle Running Socks are designed specifically to support runners as they exercise. Built with a mesh construction, these socks are designed to be breathable to keep your feet cool while on a long run. The socks also have medium cushioning on the toe, heel and ball to prevent major injuries and protect your foot from damage.

Buy Lululemon MacroPillow Ankle Running Sock at Lululemon, $24

Nike Dri-FIT FlyEase

Nike is of course one of the most popular athletic apparel brands of all time and as a result, the company has a number of great athletic socks including the Nike Dri-FIT FlyEase. These athletic socks are designed to be worn both for everyday life as well as for working out. The socks wick away moisture to keep the feet cool and Nike has built the socks to slowly adapt and mold to your own foot over time. The socks also come in a unique blue USA-style design for the particularly patriotic among us.

Buy Nike Dri-FIT FlyEase at Nike, $28

Smartwool Athletic Targeted Cushion Stripe Crew Socks

A company dedicated to generating high quality athletic gear out of Merino wool, Smartwool has created a number of high-performance athletic socks. One of the most popular of these are the Smartwool Athletic Targeted Cushion Stripe Crew Socks. The socks are designed to add additionall cushioning to traditionally high stress areas of the foot such as the ball and the heel. Additionally, the elasticized arch of the sock helps increase breathability and mobility. The Merino wool also reduces odor and potential bacteria growth.

Buy Smartwool Athletic Targeted Cushion Stripe Crew Socks at Smartwool, $17

Bombas Men’s Performance Running Ankle Socks

For running specifically, there are very few options that are as good as Bombas Men’s Performance Running Ankle Socks. The socks have target cushion zones to protect the areas of your foot most heavily under stress as you run and the breathable cotton yarn keeps your feet cool and dry as the run goes on. Additionally, Bombas donates one pair of socks to organizations that support the homeless for every purchase you make, so if you are looking for a more conscious choice, this is the option for you.

Buy Bombas Men’s Performance Running Ankle Socks at Bombas Socks, $17

ALO Yoga Unisex Throwback Sock

While not quite as high-tech as many other options on this list, the ALO Yoga Unisex Throwback Sock is perfectly equipped to handle all basic exercise. The biggest hallmark of these socks comes from their overall comfort and style. Coming in a number of unique colors, the socks can be worn to fit a stylish street outfit as much as they can be worn for a workout. The socks are also designed to be worn all the way up or scrunched down without affecting the performance or comfort of the socks.

Buy ALO Yoga Unisex Throwback Sock at ALO YOGA, $18

Puma Men's Low Cut Socks3 pack

Another major athletics brand is Puma, and the company has a wide line of athletic socks including the Puma Men’s Low Cut Socks. These are a more basic sock but they still hold several valuable features including thick padding around the heel and toes. The socks are designed with basic arch support and have a ribbed collar for a more secure fit around your ankle. Additionally, Puma has long been a trust athletic brand and even for a more basic sock, you can trust the quality of its product.

Buy Puma Men's Low Cut Socks at PUMA, $12

Adidas Running Mid-Crew Socks

Much like Nike and Puma, Adidas is a well known brand in athletic apparel and have a number of quality sock options such as the Adidas Running Mid-Crew Socks. Designed specifically for running, the socks are lightweight and breathable to reduce heat and friction from running long distances. The socks have compressive materials to incredible ventilation and cooling while maintaining steady support of your foot. Adidas also designed the socks for the left and right foot specifically to ensure a better fitting construction.

Buy Adidas Running Mid-Crew Socks at adidas, $12

Under Armour Men's Project Rock Elevated+ No Show Socks

Under Armour has always been a performance-focused company, and the Under Armour Men's Project Rock Elevated+ No Show Socks are no exception. The socks are designed for heavy listing and working out with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson using them as a part of his own workout outfits. The socks are designed with anti-odor technology to keep your feet fresh even after a heavy day at the gym. The socks also have a seamless toe to prevent possible irritation and increase your overall comfort.

Buy Under Armour Men's Project Rock Elevated+ No Show Socks at Under Armour, $15

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