Sweden pledges to provide Ukraine with Archer artillery systems.

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson pledged on Jan. 9 that Ukraine would receive Archer self-propelled artillery systems, following discussions about such supplies last year.

Kristersson said that Sweden has always supported providing Ukraine with this advanced weapon system, and work on the matter is ongoing.

“I will get back to you as soon as we complete it,” he said.

When asked why Archer systems were not included in the military aid package approved by Kristersson’s government in December, he explained that they were not at the top of Ukraine’s wish list.

On Dec. 11, Sweden approved a new military aid package for Ukraine, which includes air defense systems, winter ammunition, and a special aid package that will help the country survive the winter amid heavy Russian attacks on its energy infrastructure.

In mid-November, Sweden’s Defense Ministry announced a new package of military aid to Ukraine worth $287 million, “a bigger military support package than all eight previous packages combined,” according to Kristersson.