Sweden's defense minister meets Lviv mayor, visits military recruitment center

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Swedish Defense Minister Pal Jonson met with Lviv Mayor Andrii Sadovyi and visited a military recruitment center in the western Ukrainian city on Feb. 26, Sadovyi reported.

The two met in Lviv days after Sweden announced its largest defense aid package for Ukraine, which was worth $682 million. Jonson previously met with Zelensky, discussing the prospects of joint weapons production and future negotiations for signing a bilateral security guarantee agreement.

"We are grateful for this visit and the support that Sweden is providing at this difficult time. It is not only about military assistance but also about the exchange of important experience," Sadovyi said on Telegram.

The recruitment center visited by Jonson was established on Feb. 12 as part of a pilot project by the Defense Ministry and the Lviv City Council.

In the center, residents can receive all the relevant information about vacancies in the Ukrainian army, talk to representatives of different brigades, and choose a military profession, according to the Lviv authorities.

"It is important to note that the center is not related to military enlistment offices, and the recruiters themselves are not military personnel. Therefore, they do not serve summons here, but only provide consultations," the Lviv City Council wrote on Feb. 23.

The Ukrainian government aims to ramp up mobilization efforts in 2024 and has pledged to change the approach to military recruitment, giving more choices for potential conscripts.

The parliament is now considering a new draft of the mobilization law after its initial, contentious version was withdrawn.

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