Sweet toddler has imaginary grandchildren: ‘They’re my precious babies’

Watch this adorable toddler talk about his imaginary grandchildren!

Some kids have imaginary friends, but a toddler named Maverick has three imaginary grandchildren! Maverick’s mom, Melissa (@melissacoleman15) shared a hilarious video showing a conversation between herself and Maverick about his “grandchildren.”

While Maverick might be a bit young to be a grandpa, the sweet toddler certainly has the grandparent attitude mastered, repeatedly referring to his imaginary grandchildren as “precious babies.”

The sweet video begins with a shot of Maverick standing outside, wearing a swimsuit, baseball hat, and water wings. The toddler grins up at his mom as he picks up the thread of an ongoing conversation. “They’re precious,” he says, shaking his head wistfully.

“Who is?” Melissa asks.

“My little grandchildren,” Maverick responds.

“You have grandchildren?” Melissa asks skeptically. “How many?”

Maverick looks out into the distance for a moment, as though immersed in fond memories of his grandchildren. Then, he turns back to his mom and responds, “I have three grandchildren.”

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Maverick thinks for a moment, then continues. “Three baby children,” he clarifies.

“Really?” Melissa asks. “Are they boys or girls?”

“They’re boys,” Maverick says without hesitation. “And they’re precious.”

“Really?” Melissa asks again, clearly entertained by her son’s vibrant imagination.

“They’re my precious babies,” Maverick tells his mom.

Behind the camera, Melissa begins to giggle.

“They’re my precious babies,” Maverick says again as the video ends.

Viewers found Melissa’s video absolutely precious!

“Proof that when you speak love into a child, they’ll speak love into others,” one viewer wrote.

“Tell me you have been around your grandparents a lot without telling me you have been around your grandparents a lot,” joked another viewer.

“We need a Southern grandma reveal, because I know there’s one behind that perfect impression,” commented another TikToker.

While it’s unclear from the video whether Maverick is emulating his grandparents, it certainly seems that Maverick has a lot of love to give, and an impressive imagination!

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