Your Swiping Days Are Over, There’s a New Sex-Positive Dating App

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Looking for a new sex-positive dating app? Give Bloom a try!

Launched earlier this year by founder Luna Ray, the app is entering the dating space to support sex positive, queer, kink, and alternative communities in finding connections.

"I created Bloom Community during the pandemic because I missed meeting people at sex-positive community gatherings," Ray tells PRIDE. "When I tried to meet people through dating apps, there wasn't an app that served the community well.

"On top of that, the way people acted on dating apps made me feel disposable - between swiping, ghosting, and unsolicited dick pics, it was easy to forget there was another human on the other end. I missed community gatherings because communities have the dual mechanisms of community values and enforcement of those values. A community attracts people who share its values, educates new members, and removes people who aren't able to uphold those values. Dating and social apps don't do any of that. And I wanted to build one that did."

According to the press release, "over 70% of Bloom Community’s members are open to alternative relationships, including ethical non-monogamy, polyamory, BDSM dynamics, and more" and over " 65% of Bloom members identify as LGBTQ+." About 14% of Bloom users identify as trans and/or non-binary. The app also includes over 100 gender identity, more than any other dating/social app.

Another way it sets itself apart from other apps, there's no swiping. "There are thoughtful profiles that help you get to know someone - and let people express their unique relationship style, identity, and orientation. You can only see five profiles per day, so people slow down and read them," Rey explains, committed to filling the space with respect and community building.

Connections made in the app are called ‘Buds,’ where members can chat one-on-one to explore a full spectrum of relationships from platonic to romantic. ‘Buds’ must be mutually opt-in with a strong “Fuck Yes!”

"We have community values that clarify the standard of behavior we expect, and we remove people who are not able to uphold them," she says.

Through Bloom, members can easily transition online connections to real-world ones at events listed in the app. The shared nature of events lowers the barrier to meeting new people. "We focus on offering events in partnership with organizers we trust because we want to create safe spaces that lower the barrier to meeting in person. Sex positive communities have gathered around Bloom and supported us from day one because they believe in our vision of sharing consent culture with the world and building sex positive spaces."

Bloom is available on IOS and Android.