Swiss robots use UV lights to sanitize planes

These Swiss robots use UV light to sanitize planes

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

UVeya is trialing the autonomous robots inside jets from Helvetic Airways

One robot can disinfect a single-aisle plane in 13 minutes

(SOUNDBITE) (English) UVEYA CO-FOUNDER JODOC ELMIGER, SAYING:"It's quite an old technology but it's quite dangerous. That's why we want to take the worker out of the range of the light, so that's why we made a robot. There are some solutions when you are near the light, that's dangerous, so we really had to make the system autonomous, so we switch it on, leave the machine to make its disinfection all around the plane, and then it stops automatically, so the worker is not in contact with the machine. You will also see it doesn't make any traces, or chemistry. So that's also very important for the traveller, that you know you have a safe place, there is no chemical residue on the seats, on everywhere."